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Amrit Sandu

Amrit Sandu

Mindfullness Expert

Australia’s Mindvalley Certified Master (Corporate Trainer & Personal Development Coach) at Mindvalley
Founder (Trainer, Speaker, Life Coach) at Inspired Evolution
Founder (Seeker & Chai-Wala) at Mandala Moments
Engineering Management at Brookfield Multiplex
Former Engineering Management at Clifton Formwork (Vic)
Lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
From Adelaide, South Australia
Manages Inspired Evolution and SustEng

Amrit’s story & passion

Mindfullness in Construction is my Mission!

Amrit noticed burnout while doing construction project management in construction

It’s my mission to introduce meditation & mindfullness and wellness (specifically mental health wellness) into the construction industy to combat staggering statistics such as every two days 1 person from the construction industry takes their own life


  • Show your team you care
  • Retention
  • Sustainability
  • Simple solution 
  • Improve moral
  • Less sick days

Why Mindfulness is effective across all areas of construction

Unique Solutions Crafted For Your Site or Company

Mindfulness is focusing on doing the job or task in front of you, rather than worrying about the past or thinking about a negative future. The practical implications for mindfulness in the workplace and your personal life are far reaching and it has the potential to vastly improve your inner well-being as you go about your work and personal life.

Change The whole ecosystem

Sites that meditate show improvements in ….


Productivity Increase

Focus on task at hand increases as well as awareness self within the physical, emotional, mental environment.

Creativity in problem solving

As the inner calm of tradesmen & management deepens expect creative solutions to everyday situations naturally and effortlessly. Conflicts may arise but are dealt with effectivly with more consideration.  

increasingly Happy and healthly work environment

As Mindfullness practices become habitual a deeper sense of inner peace and wellbeing expands into the life of the team members and the site as a whole. 


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