Our guests for this week are Jo and Sally Godfrey, sisters and co-founders of ‘No Grainer’, a small business based in Melbourne that produces extremely nutritious, high-quality grain-free products.

About Jo and Sally

Jo and Sally have suffered from all kinds of food intolerances their entire life. After years of battles with all kinds of different health issues between them, including chronic acne to autoimmune diseases they managed to turn their lives around when the learned about the importance of gut health. They decided to ditch the gluten, the grains, and the sugar which helped them manage their conditions better and live much healthier, comfortable lives.

But there was still one problem – they missed eating bread! Growing up, bread was a huge part of their diet and so going off-grain was not an easy task for them. Still, united by their love for bread and dietary restrictions, they decided to combine healthy and tasty to create food of their own.

In March 2015, they started their own small business called ‘No Grainer’ and started producing bread and baked goods which didn’t contain any grains, refined sugars, gluten, preservatives, and bean or starch flour. Today they offer a range of products including different types of bread, pizza bases, pancake mixes, flours and much more! A lot of their products are paleo and keto-friendly as well!

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In This Episode We Canvas:


  • How Adversity Shapes Us

Both Jo and Sally have experienced their share of adversity and in this section of the podcast, we get into just how those struggles shaped them into the people they are today. Understanding the connection between hardships and resilience is what helps us let go of our past and welcome present, no matter how challenging it may get.

“Everything shapes you. You can’t regret it… It does make you what you are!” – Sally Godfrey

  • Do We Take Aesthetic Issues More Seriously?

As we dissect their journey further we unpack the question of what makes aesthetic issues such strong motivators for changes in our behavior. We discuss the social aspect of the issue, explore the lengths we’re willing to go in order to preserve our appearance and contrast with how unmoved we are when facing some non-visible issues.

“People, all the time, still put up with the bloating, still put up with not being able to go to the toilet, all these things… But I know that if they had acne and it cleared up they’d probably stop it.” – Sally Godfrey

  • The Beauty In Cooking for Love

Even though the last four years have been quite challenging, Jo and Sally have made sure that they’re spending enough time cooking and baking out of the office and bring joy to their families.

“When you’re cooking for love, there’s nothing that we love more!” – Sally Godfrey

  • Finding Energy In the Love You Recieve

‘No Grainer’ has blossomed into a respectable brand and a beautiful business but it was never going to be an easy task. Jo and Sally open up about their doubts and moments of weakness they’ve experienced over the years. Even though they were ready to quit on numerous occasions, the love and kindness of their loving customers gave them the strength to keep pushing forward.

“It was just so stressful, we had no idea! But we would get these letters… people would write… ‘your bread has changed my life’, ‘thank you so much’… and always when we were at the brink of, like, ‘Fuck this!’ – someone would come through.” – Jo Godfrey

  • The Transformation That Comes from Doing What You Love

I’m always blessed to hear stories of people stepping into their truth and the transformation they experience and go through consequently. Loving what you do is an essential component of leading a happy and healthy life. The Godfrey sisters talk about how their business inspired them to evolve and change for the better.

“It has been absolutely massive. It has changed my life, in the most profound way! I feel like I’m a completely different person… I feel like I’m coming to a place where I’m finally bringing those two sides together and I couldn’t have done it without this business.” – Jo Godfrey

  • Taking Care of the Business First So That You Can Inspire Change

Being driven to help other people is an inherently selfless approach. This is exactly why we tend to neglect and forget to take care of ourselves first. It seems rude to us and our values as if we were selling out and stepping away from our true purpose and path. But money is a tool more than anything else and we need to be able to sustain ourselves in order to protect our cause and those we’re trying to help. Helping yourself is the first step towards helping other people.

“We often set goals and put expectations and when it doesn’t happen… you feel a bit disappointed… There’s that whole thing of ‘working on your business, not in your business’… And at the moment because our margins are incredibly tight… We need to figure out how to take care of ourselves, take care of the business and start to actually be able to draw a profit from this to enable us to let it grow.” – Jo Godfrey

Jo’s and Sally’s Message of Inspired Evolution

Having Jo and Sally on the podcast was so much fun! Their story is an inspiration because it embodies a lot of the things we’ve discussed in the past on this very podcast. “Do what you love”, “fill your cup first”,… It’s just wonderful to see how they’re still evolving and growing despite dealing with all sorts of challenges every step of the way.

Lastly, I really love the fact that they absolutely live and love what they do and that they’re trying to educate people as well. They truly are leading by example and I’m really hoping this podcast will inspire people to examine how they feel.

“Really check-in with yourself and look at the foods that you’re eating… Try to get on the path to health now!” – Jo and Sally Godfrey