Our guest from this week is Jason Campbell, a growth hacker and one of the sales and marketing leaders at Mindvalley.

About Jason

Jason loves to sell. He’s been perfecting his craft throughout his entire career and for the last 6 years, he’s been a huge part of the Mindvalley sales and marketing team. On his lengthy list of special skills, you can find things such as process mapping, business models, sales, public speaking, real estate investment analysis, internet marketing, CRM, email marketing, landing pages, and conversion hacking. 

Jason is also the host of ‘Impact at Work’, where he guides students to discover the most cutting-edge concepts in productivity, communication, leadership, personal excellence, and breaks them down into more into simple action steps that they can immediately apply.

He is currently focused on defining and developing his personal brand so that he could spread his inspirational message aimed to help people overcome hesitation and embrace personal growth.

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In This Episode We Canvas:


  • How Does Mindvalley Plan to Reach Billions of People?

Mindvalley aims to redefine the educational system in order to elevate humanity. Their marketing goals are ambitious, which is understandable as they are trying to change the world! Jason gives us an insight into the approach Mindvalley uses to increase the reach of their message and make relevant partnerships and business connections.

“In the personal growth industry, there are two things that you want to look for. How impactful, structured, authentic amazing is what that person is delivering and second is how many people are they reaching? The fact is, we want to reach a billion lives so we look for people that already have audiences that are already attracted to the personal growth movement and we want to combine as much of this industry together so we can become one big platform that changes lives.” – Jason Campbell

  • The Role Purpose Plays in Personal Development

We explore the concept of purpose, highlighting its value and contribution to personal development. Jason proposes an elegant analogy to describe the true purpose of purpose.

“The purpose kind of seems like setting your north star, right? But the point isn’t to get to that star, it’s to sail the sea.” – Jason Campbell

  • Is Repetition of Themes Good for the Personal Growth Movement?

Since joining Mindvalley, Jason has been constantly surrounded by thought leaders in the personal growth industry. Having done over 40 in-depth interviews with some of the most renowned experts from this field, he started picking up patterns in their narrative. He realized that certain themes are repeated and that there are certain similarities between seemingly different schools of thought. Still, he understands that this is not an anomaly but rather a necessity that works in favor of those trying to learn, grow, and evolve.

“I think that repetition IS necessary… Everybody has a different way of trying to achieve the same thing and that’s OK because everybody resonates with a different thing… Once you’ve found something that resonated with you… do something about it. And then if you feel stuck, go back and listen to someone saying probably the same thing in a different way and maybe that’s what you need to hear.” – Jason Campbell

  • Sales as an Expression of Love

We’ve mentioned before that Jason really, really loves to sell and in this conversation, you will hear just why that is. He’s spent a lot of time honing his craft by taking in concepts from the personal growth industry and refining his personal theory of sales. Jason offers a new way for us to interpret the selling process, one that is built around the potential for doing good.

“When I say ‘selling from love’ I say, first off, let’s take away the charge of sales. I say sales is an energy exchange… You will offer something in exchange for money but there’s another piece of currency that goes into it which is the emotion, the vibration. And for those who love incorporating business and spirituality, this is where it becomes beautiful. ” – Jason Campbell

  • The Essential Components of Selling from Love

In his inspired model of selling from love, Jason goes over 3 key principles which will help you reinvent yourself in how you approach selling your product or service. The first one is self-love.

“You’ve got to be very strong about who you are, what you stand for, and then, when you do that, you’ll understand that you’ve aligned yourself with something to sell that you truly believe in.” – Jason Campbell

The second principle highlights the importance of perfecting your product.

“I encourage people to adapt is ‘If the product doesn’t fit the needs, fix the product.’” – Jason Campbell

Finally, he sums up the last principle in three simple words.

“Love the stakeholder.” – Jason Campbell

  • How Abundance Inspires Love

As we drew our conversation to a close, Jason inspired us with his understanding of the connection between abundance and love. He explains in much detail the journey every salesperson should experience which is centered around inspiring love from abundance.

“The first need you need to satisfy is your own… If you have a bit more abundance you start realizing ‘Hey! It’s not just about me, it’s about the entire company.’… A major threshold here is when it becomes about the client that you’re selling to. When you start selling to that client you genuinely care and love the person you’re selling to, you will only sell to them when you genuinely understand that whatever it is that you’re selling them is worth more than what you’re asking in return. Do you know what balances out the equation? Love!” – Jason Campbell

Jason’s Message of Inspired Evolution

I’m captivated by Jason’s musings on the process of selling. But another thing that caught my ear is how he impresses with his understanding of major obstacles people trying to improve their life and well-being are usually faced with. At one point in the conversation, we’ve touched on hesitation and I hope his little improvised pep-talk is just the right message of support you needed to hear today. Much love!

“Pick something, make a decision, figure it out, go!” – Jason Campbell