Inspired Evolution, hosted by Amrit Sandhu, is a podcast and a movement dedicated to helping you: Live a Life that is Empowered with the Love for Life!

Aiming to unlock your potential, increase your sense of community, and find your purpose:

Episodes of the Inspired Evolution facilitate the sharing of wisdom and awareness to empower individuals in their journey of transformation and personal growth.  

Join your host Amrit Sandhu as he speaks with influential creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are not afraid to reach their full potential.
Tune in as they share their inspirational journeys that inspire the awakening of the creative leader within you.

Here & Now: Let’s be the change we wish to see in this world !


Touching Souls with Kabeção

Our guest for this week is Carlos Rodrigues aka Kabeção, a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, composer, street busker and sound healer who creates his own unique approach to music and sound. Originally studying to become a surgeon, Carlos discovered another, more...

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Live Your Truth with Colleen Gallagher

This week, we’re joined by Colleen Gallagher, a coach, consultant, author, and an evolutionary transformation specialist. Colleen is a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and told that she’d have difficulties bearing children and that...

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Discover Super Human Health with Mason Taylor

Discover Super Human Health with Mason Taylor This week, we’re joined by Mason Taylor thought leader, professional speaker, tonic herbalist, and writer who inspires and teaches people to once again become enchanted with their body, life, and health. For the last 7...

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Embodied Enlightenment with Cari Merriam

Our guest for this week is Cari Merriam, an expert health and lifestyle fitness guide with a mission to increase global happiness. Cari has been fighting adversity her entire life. Throughout her childhood, she was heavily medicated due to depression and anxiety...

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Be Joyfully Diligent with Alex T. Steffen

Our guest for this week is Alex T. Steffen, a business consultant, best-selling author, and an award-winning presenter. Alex started his career as a digital marketing specialist, but over the course of the last decade, he has specialized in the fields of innovation...

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SOMA Awakening: Wake up to Your Truth with Niraj Naik

Our guest for this week is Niraj Naik (aka the Renegade Pharmacist), a qualified pharmacist, professional musician, holistic health expert, and entrepreneur. Years of working as a community pharmacist have given Niraj an opportunity to witness first hand the many...

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Love Out Loud with Nicole Gibson

In this week’s episode, we‘re joined by Nicole Gibson, a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, published author, but most of all, an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential. When she was 18 years old, she started a not-for-profit company called The Rogue...

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Emotional GRIT with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

This week, we’re joined by Dr. Neeta Bhushan, a social entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, leadership coach and the advocate of emotional health. Neeta is a former cosmetic dentist. Facing adversity and tragedy throughout her teenage years pushed...

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