Inspired Evolution, hosted by Amrit Sandhu, is a podcast and a movement dedicated to helping you: Live a Life that is Empowered with the Love for Life!

Aiming to unlock your potential, increase your sense of community, and find your purpose:

Episodes of the Inspired Evolution facilitate the sharing of wisdom and awareness to empower individuals in their journey of transformation and personal growth.  

Join your host Amrit Sandhu as he speaks with influential creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are not afraid to reach their full potential.
Tune in as they share their inspirational journeys that inspire the awakening of the creative leader within you.

Here & Now: Let’s be the change we wish to see in this world !


Design a Life with Liza Joyan

Our guest for this week is Liza Joyan, a relationship marketing strategist and the founder of Design a Life. Liza was born in Afganistan and her family immigrated to Australia when she was a child. Her educational background is in Economics and Business Law and her...

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Art as Medicine with Layla El Khadri

Our guest for this week is Layla El Khadri, a transformational coach, author, artist, inspirational speaker, and dance therapist with the goal of inspiring humanity to wake up and rise. Born and raised in Spain, Layla grew up in a family which supported personal...

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Evolve with Jason Partington

Our guest for this week is Jason Partington, entrepreneur, meditation promoter and coach, and founder of Meditation for Men, a brand of meditation courses which has a goal of fighting depression and promoting mental health among men. Jason has had a very diverse...

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We Are Newkind with Erfan Daliri

Our guest for this week is Erfan Daliri, a social change animator, a writer, educator, youth worker, a spoken word artist, and the founding director of Newkind. Along with an educational background in Communication for Social Change, throughout his career, Erfan has...

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Mountains and Marathons with Jen Ziegner and Jamin Heppell

Our guests for this week are Jen Ziegner and Jamin Heppell, the co-founders of Mountains and Marathons, and they develop transformative leadership programs that center around completing a marathon or climbing a mountain in some of the world’s most stunning locations....

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See the Gift with Carol Benson

Our guest for this week is Carol Benson, a licensed speech and language pathologist, writer, author, business consultant and the co-founder of It Doesn’t Feel Like Work. Carol’s educational background is a masters degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences in...

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From Mastery to Artistry with Mykel Dixon

Our guest for this week is Mykel Dixon, a musician, author, creative entrepreneur and a renowned public speaker. Michael is the #1 choice for a keynote speaker on artistry, creativity, innovation, leadership culture, and experience. He describes himself as a jazz...

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Trust What Brings You Joy with Sam Maher

Our guest for this week is Sam Maher, an instrumentalist and drummer better known for his unique playing style on the handpan. Sam is a very experienced drummer, having worked with bands and artist such as Methyl Ethel, Katy Steele (Little Birdy), Rabbit Island, Grace...

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Touching Souls with Kabeção

Our guest for this week is Carlos Rodrigues aka Kabeção, a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, composer, street busker and sound healer who creates his own unique approach to music and sound. Originally studying to become a surgeon, Carlos discovered another, more...

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Live Your Truth with Colleen Gallagher

This week, we’re joined by Colleen Gallagher, a coach, consultant, author, and an evolutionary transformation specialist. Colleen is a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and told that she’d have difficulties bearing children and that...

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