Our guest for this week is Gautam Khetrapal, an entrepreneur, trainer, transformational speaker and founder of “Life Plugin”.

About Gautam

A little over 10 years ago, Gautam was going through a moment of personal crisis. He was convinced his best years were behind him even though he was just a young engineering student, barely getting started.

Gautam’s transformational journey started around the time where he joined the youth organization AIESEC, where he came upon people that shared his interests and values. At AIESEC, Gautam found his tribe.

It was his experience of working alongside young non-conformists that got him hooked on personal transformation. He was also able to define his interests further and started searching for answers to questions like what does it take to build a deeply connected tribe and how to make our learning and education an exciting adventure. 

In 2017, he founded “Life Plugin”, an organization with a goal to turn personal growth into a lifelong adventure. Their mission is to create the “Disneyland of Learning and Education” because they believe that learning needs to be fun and intrinsically motivating in order to help people create a successful and meaningful life.

As an international speaker, he has held lectures and talks at stages all over the world, including places like Mindvalley, UNESCO, TEDx and Startup Investor Summit. You can check out some of his latest lectures online for free on YouTube!

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In This Episode We Canvas:


  • Why Do We Prosper as a Species?

Spoiler alert – this is a podcast about human connection and about how our interconnectedness defines us as a species. From the start, we dive into the topic by defining it as a crucial advantage point which allowed us to rise, progress and prosper as a species.

“Human beings are social animals. Our survival depends on our social bonding and social strength. As a species, we’re not the strongest. We’re not even the smartest species. The reason that makes human beings the most successful species on the planet is to do with that ability to collaborate and live together in community.” – Gautam Khetrapal

  • The Problem with Living Highly Individualistic Lifestyles

In recent years and in Western culture in particular, there is a trend for people looking to actualize themselves as individuals seeking independence and self-sufficiency. According to Gautam, this approach is not an efficient way for personal growth because it directly clashes with and rejects the thing that makes us flourish.

“We’re moving to cities and building highly independent lifestyles. But, the reality is, our success is not in our independence… it is in our interdependence.” – Gautam Khetrapal

  • The Currency of Belonging

One of the key concepts of Gautam’s teachings is his understanding of the currency of belonging. He has placed this idea at the very center of his companies system of values and in this section, we discuss all the potential of adding this “secret sauce” to your business strategy.

“This currency of belonging is becoming the most valuable currency, the way I look at it. If we don’t capitalize on that information I don’t think we’re giving enough value to people. Because we need to go beyond just curating the best information for people. We need to bring people to with the same values, the same core belief system and just bring them together.” – Gautam Khetrapal

  • What Is the Interdependence Principle?

We’ve discussed interdependence on our podcast more than a few times. Here, we have a front-row seat where we get to listen to how Gautam shares and elaborates his relatable understanding of the underlying social mechanism of collaboration and mutual support.

“Interdependence is having my close friends, growing myself, my family, every aspect of my life with a bunch of people where I can say I’m responsible for their growth and I can tell for sure they are responsible for mine.” – Gautam Khetrapal

  • How to Grow Through Deep Immersions

Gautam shares his thoughts on the three pillars of education which are self-education, learning from your tribe and education via deep immersions. The first two are very common and intuitive but Gautam sees deep immersions as something that will change how we educate ourselves in the years to come. Some forms of informal deep immersions occur spontaneously but if we are consciously aware of the benefits they provide we can learn to initiate them more often and truly utilize them for personal development.

“Deep immersions are short-term events where your tribe comes together, who have the same interests… and dive deep into a shared area of interest.” – Gautam Khetrapal

  • How to Make Connections

Since our main topic was revolved around the benefits of connection, Gautam was more than happy to give us some direct advice regarding what we can do in order to get a better chance of finding or creating our tribe. 

“Find ecosystems that you think speak the same vibe as you, speak the same language as you and see when their next physical meeting is happening. And if you are a bit socially awkward and it feels a bit outside of your comfort zone, then it’s a must!” – Gautam Khetrapal

Gautam’s Message of Inspired Evolution

I’ve known Gautam for a while and it’s really been a great pleasure to have him on our show and talk about the things that have helped him on his journey. His goals are completely aligned with the mission of the Inspired Evolution and I sincerely hope this podcast will inspire many of you to look to your tribe in ways of bettering yourselves and achieving personal growth. Gautam urges us to connect more and spreads his message on the benefits of interconnectedness beautifully. Consider this podcast as a call to action. Discovering your community is valuable and a lot less difficult than you would imagine. Especially if you take an active approach:

“Find your tribe! How do you do it? By simple Google search!” – Gautam Khetrapal