Our guest for this week is Dayne Barkley, human potential and primal health coach, holistic health entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of ‘Barkley Eyewear’.

Today as a special treat, we have not one, but two conversations with Dayne! One had been recorded live at an event called ‘Get Hacked, Get Hi’ and the other is our followup conversation where we explored the notion of hacking your sleep further.

About Dayne

Dayne is a former actor turned biohacker. This huge shift towards the world of health and well-being was sadly motivated by the loss of a loved one. After his grandfather passed away in 2014, he started to explore all sorts of disciplines and techniques that can help us lead a healthier life.

His deep dive into the field of health drove him even further from the moment he discovered the Paleo protocol. In recent years, Dayne’s been working hard in the field of health and got certified as a Health and Primal Coach, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and also a Bulletproof Coach from Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Training Institute. Some of his main areas of focus include sleep, diet, fitness, cognition, psychology, earthing/grounding, and wearables.

In 2018, Dayne founded a company that produces and sells interchangeable blue-blocking glasses called “Barkley Eyewear”. These glasses block out the blue, artificial light which helps regulate the circadian rhythm and allows for better sleeping routines. Aside from proving to be extremely beneficial for sleep-regulation, Dayne’s glasses are also very stylish and work great as a fashion accessory. For all members of the Inspired Evolution Tribe, Dayne has set up a wonderful treat – 10% off on all products from his website! Click here to visit the website and enter the code ‘INSPIRED10‘ to redeem your discount!

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In This Episode We Canvas:


  • What Are the Negative Effects of Blue Light?

Dayne decided to get into the industry of blue-blocking glasses because, as he puts it, he’s looking to provide for a “temporary solution until lighting engineers come up with a better one”. The fact of the matter is that we’re surrounded by sources of light that contain a massive disproportion of blue light that is messing with our internal, circadian rhythm. Computers, phones, all sorts of screens and neon signs have created a setting that discourages healthy sleeping routines and patterns.

“It sort of tricks the brain that your body is like, “Oh, is it daytime? Is it nighttime?”… It scrambles the clock inside of the human eye.” – Dayne Barkley

  • Why Is Sleep So Important?

As we slide over into the topic of sleep, we go over why it plays such a huge role in our health and what we need to do in order to devise a routine that can help us rest better and recharge optimally. Dayne acknowledges the slight variations in our needs for sleep which is why he suggests objective measurements. This way, we can precisely figure out the right amount of sleep per day we need individually. 

“It doesn’t matter what your genetics are, it’s universal, across everything… We’re designed to sleep a certain amount of hours. There’s a very small group that can actually get away with 6 hours of sleep.” – Dayne Barkley

  • Top Tips for Hacking Your Sleep

As a sign off from the live portion of our podcast, Dayne shares his top tips for hacking your sleep!

“Move away from the coil mattresses – they’re not beneficial at all… If you don’t want to switch off the power in your house, at least go turn off your Wi-Fi router at night… And then, keeping your room as dark and as cool as possible – that’s a really important part.” – Dayne Barkley

  • The Importance of Meal Timing for Sleep

Dayne places the timing of his meals throughout the day as one of the key elements of his health transformation. Years of research and experimentation have contributed to his success and he’s selflessly sharing his results with us!

“It’s going off of what I’ve learned and now I’ve seen the actual impact… And I truly believe it’s actually quite a universal approach as well.” – Dayne Barkley

  • The Power of Routines and Habits

Creating healthy habits and routines seems to be at the foundation of our conversation. Here, Dayne explores additional tips that can help us develop and strengthen them.

“Create some sort of a routine and structure and then make your environment pull for that as well.” – Dayne Barkley

  • How to Prevent Jet Lag

For all those frequent flyers out there, Dayne shares the routine that has helped him deal with jet lag over the years!

“Consciously, one of the things I tend to go for is definitely grounding… At least 10 minutes would be ideal. And then another big factor would definitely be fluid intake.” – Dayne Barkley

  • Listening Out for Your Inner Guidance

In this section, we talk about the significance of listening to your inner guidance and Dayne’s personal experience can attest to that.

“What I’ve come across in my personal experience and the key that’s just really resonated with me is turning within and having that inner guidance… I just truly believe that accessing and cultivating that inner guidance has been enormous for me.” – Dayne Barkley

  • The Challenges of Sticking to Healthy Practices

We are not perfect and so everyone has experienced the challenge of sticking to a plan or a strategy. Unhealthy habits challenge our plans each day and Dayne sees the solution in learning to differentiate our inner guidance from rationalization.

“Trying to differentiate between your inner guidance and what is there to support you and what is just pathogenic bacteria trying that wants to feed you more sugar in your diet…” – Dayne Barkley

  • Meals That Provide Emotional Nourishment

Dayne talks passionately about the emotional nourishment a meal can provide us with and describes how the energy of the preparation process can make a difference. Cooking with love is something that is being transferred to the meal making it a uniquely enjoyable and exciting experience.

“We’re beyond physical beings… It’s important to respect the temple that we’ve been given… But there are also other layers – emotional, spiritual as well that… We get some sort of enjoyment and excitement from eating with the people we love. There’s food that’s made with love!… Made from this place of that energy I believe gets transferred into the food.” – Dayne Barkley 

Dayne’s Message of Inspired Evolution

Is this an action-packed episode or what??? Dayne really demonstrates his biohacking abilities and the whole conversation is just full of delightful tips and tricks you can implement in your daily life in order to improve your sleep, regulate your circadian rhythm, and boost your overall health. For this week’s message of Inspired Evolution, we’ll highlight yet again the amazing power of habits and routines, along with the magnificent role they play in personal transformation:

“Most importantly, be conscious and do things that create a habit that you can build upon into your routine.” – Dayne Barkley